Farmers Insurance Lawsuit


CA Farmers Agents v. Farmers Insurance Settlement

Irene Parry et al v. Farmers Insurance Exchange et al Superior Court Of California, County of Los Angeles

If you worked as a Farmers Agent in California anytime between November 2013 to the Present


Welcome to the Plaintiffs Counsels’ Website for Information on the Farmers Insurance Agent Class Action Settlement.

The Settlement Administrators’ website is


The court granted preliminary approval of the Settlement on March 8, 2022.

A court-approved Notice will be sent to all potential class members on March 29, 2022, informing them of their rights, the benefits of the settlement, how to submit a claim, and the date the court sets for the important deadlines, including the deadline to file claims. The court has scheduled the final approval hearing for November 10, 2022. Please read the Notice.

The Settlement Administrators’ website is

The Settlement Administrator will send Notice by mail and email on March 29, 2022.

The Settlement Administrator will send Notice by mail and email on March 29, 2022.

We are also holding live webinars to explain the settlement and answer questions on April 6, April 26, May 10, and May 24, 2022, all at 1 p.m. Pacific Time.

Please read the Notice as it tells you about your rights under the Settlement and how to make a claim.

The Settlement provides three buckets of benefits: (1) a Direct Payment; (2) an additional Claims Payment of up to $10,000; and (3) certain contract and systemic changes.

You can make a Claim for up to $10,000 in expense reimbursement, obtain a copy of the Notice and/or the Claim Form, contact the Settlement Administrator, or obtain other information about the Settlement.

You can also obtain more information about the Settlement above by clicking the FAQs and Court Filings links.


Updated 3/29/2022

March 8, 2022

Preliminary Approval Hearing with Judge (GRANTED)

March 29, 2022

Claims Period OPENS

July 7, 2022

Claims Period Closes

Upcoming Webinars

Apr 6, 2022

Claims Process Q&A

Apr 26, 2022

Claims Process Q&A

May 10, 2022

Claims Process Q&A

May 24, 2022

Claims Process Q&A

February - March 2022

Notices go out to all class members with claim forms (agents need to immediately start making claims once the window is open). The class at this point will have only 100 days to file a claim. *

May 22,2022

Estimated end of claims period *

Mid July 2022

Claims processing is over The court will set a final approval hearing sometime in the summer of 2022, possibly after all claims are in.*

Sept-October 2022

Likely time claims are paid if final approval is granted with no objections.*

You must submit a claim to receive an additional Claims Payment of up to $10,000. You do not have to submit a claim to receive a Direct Payment or the contract and systemic changes.

The Claims Process opens on March 29, 2022. A Claim Form explaining how to submit a valid claim is attached to the Notice. The Notice and Claim Form are also available at the Settlement Administrator’s Website.

Everyone who participates should file a claim if they can and do so early. Do not delay! The claims deadline is July 7, 2022.

A presentation by Plaintiffs’ Counsel about the Settlement is below. Also, Please Read the Notice.

We have also prepared a short question and answer video, below, to provide more information.

If you have questions on whether you are part of the Class or about the Settlement, need to obtain a copy of the Notice and/or the Claim Form, or you want to contact the Settlement Administrator, please go to the Settlement Administrator’s website at

Please contact the Settlement Administrator if you believe it does not have your current or correct contact information. You can also verify and/or correct your contact information on the Claim Form when you submit a claim.

You can also obtain information about the Settlement above by clicking the FAQs and Court Filings links.

Case Update:

The plaintiffs and Farmers in the pending L.A. state court case have reached a settlement that resolves all claims on behalf of the previously certified class of California agents. The plaintiffs alleged that Farmers misclassified the class of California agents as independent contractors under California law; thus, Farmers violated the California Labor Code, which requires employers to reimburse their employees for any expenses they incur to do their job, and California Unfair Competition Law. The court granted the plaintiffs’ motion to have the case proceed as a class action in March of 2021. According to the Plaintiffs’ court filing, the settlement is designed to protect the agents’ classification as independent contractors and provide $75 million in monetary benefits, with $40 million in direct payments (net of attorney fees, service awards, and administrative costs) allocated to all participating class members without the need for any class member to make a claim, and $35 million in claims payments of up to $10,000 to each class member who submits a claim for certain unreimbursed expenses related to Farmers Smart Office program. The settlement also results in Farmers agreeing to specific business model and contract changes, including eliminating both the right to terminate the agent agreement without cause and the one-year post-termination non-solicitation provision. Plaintiffs’ court filing states that these systemic and contract changes will deliver at least an additional $15 million in value.

The court must approve all class action settlements. Accordingly, the plaintiffs have filed a motion asking the court to grant preliminary approval. The court has scheduled the hearing on preliminary approval for March 8, 2022. If the court grants preliminary approval, then notice will be sent to all potential class members informing them of their rights, the benefits of the settlement, how to submit a claim, and the date the court sets for the final approval hearing.

Copies of the Plaintiffs’ court filings asking for preliminary approval are available here, along with a copy of the settlement agreement.

Farmers Insurance Lawsuit

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